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Nebraska Agriculture Speaker and Comedian

Stories of farming and farm life tailored for agricultural events. You'll enjoy tales of feeding hogs, raising crops, and keeping the farm equipment together with duct tape, bailing wire, and WD-40.

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Nationally-touring agriculture speaker and comedian Jerry Carroll has recently performed in: Ashland, Grand Island, Hay Springs, Kearney, Lincoln, Tecumseh, West Point, York, NE and other cities.

Recent Reviews from Nebraska

Annual Banquet in West Point, NE
Everyone loved Jerry Carroll. He stayed and sat with the crowd after his performance. He was perfect for our crowd."
- President, Cuming County Feeders Association

Annual Sales Meeting in Lincoln, NE
Jerry Carroll performed at our annual sales meeting, and perform did he! His style of comedy, timing of delivery, and subject matter was a huge hit with our team. Several people had sore jaws the next day from laughing so hard! Jerry tailored his jokes to the situation and our event, which made it even more relatable. He even stuck around after the performance to meet with people and share more jokes and stories. A great performer and even a better guy. Highly recommend him!"
- Chief Executive Officer, Plains Equipment Group

Annual Meeting in Hay Springs, NE
Jerry Carroll was great! Very personable, friendly, and funny!!! The crowd thoroughly enjoyed him!"
- Controller, Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co.

Annual York Ag Expo in York, NE
Jerry Carroll was a hit with our audience and was very enjoyable to visit with. He was very prompt. I talked to him on his drive to town and he arrived before the guests. He brought his own intro script which was very helpful! His material was appropriate for the audience. Jerry exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!"
- Marketing Assistant, York Chamber of Commerce

Annual Legislative Conference in Lincoln, NE
Jerry Carroll was great! He put in a plug about his state Farm Bureau membership and they just loved it! We only had 22 surveys returned but he was scored 19 as Excellent and 2 as Good. The only comment was 'have him back'!"
- Government Relations Associate, Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation

Customer Meeting in Ashland, NE
We were very pleased with Jerry Carroll at our event. He was great to work with, did a great job mingling with the growers attending before and after his show. His act was great. He could really relate to our clients with his agricultural based humor. We have had several people that were in attendance that have commented since how great the evening was. I even actually had another salesman for another product stop in and mention he's had customer comment to him what a great event it was. I definitely hope it would work out to do something in the future again. Hopefully people keep talking about it and we can drive some sales and try to do a much larger event."
- Owner, Schram Seeds

Annual Convention in Grand Island, NE
Jerry Carroll was wonderful! While he was with us, he shared a story about coming in contact with a PTO, which is something our group can relate to. He had the audience in tears! Thank you very much and I look forward to working with Jerry again one day!"
- Executive Director, U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc.

CUU Kickoff Meeting in Lincoln, NE
Jerry Carroll delivered a very entertaining show at our Kickoff meeting. He integrated stories and jokes that our sales reps (growers) could relate to and involved the audience throughout the show. I received nothing but positive remarks from our sales team following his performance. I would highly recommend Jerry to other groups inside and outside of our company."
- Operational Marketing Manager, DuPont Pioneer

Awards Banquet in Kearney, NE
I really enjoyed working with Jerry Carroll and our awards banquet audience enjoyed his performance. His ability to interact with the audience had them involved for a 60 minutes and his rapid-fire delivery had them laughing non-stop."
- Communications and Events Manager, Nebraska Intergovernmental Risk Management Association

Innovation & Information conference in West Point, NE
We were very pleased with Jerry Carroll's performance! We have received very positive comments from conference attendees."
- Client Information Manager, Nutrient Advisors & Summit Ag

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